Why Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is The Most Skilled Boxer Of All Time – Part 1

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is known worldwide as the pound for pound king of boxing. He is also the highest paid athlete in history.

Winning 12 world titles across 4 different weight divisions (defeating 21 title holders along the way) he retired undefeated in 49 professional fights.

Almost half of his entire life was spent as a world champion (18 years).

Floyd Mayweather Jr. with some of his WBC championship belts
Floyd Mayweather Jr. with some of his WBC championship belts

He has made other world champions look ordinary. In 49 opponents only Oscar De La Hoya, Jose Castillo and Jesus Chavez even came close to beating him. For a fighter to wipe out his opposition with such ease is unprecedented.

This article provides an objective analysis of Mayweather’s skills by comparing him with the greatest fighters of today and the past.

Mayweather Jr. is the most complete fighter in history. Excellent offence, defence, the ability to adapt, footwork, balance, he’s got it all.

Previous great champions often lacked in certain areas.

In the words of Mike Tyson: “fighters are getting better, even though we don’t like to admit it, they’re better”.

In 1998 Mayweather joined Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali to become the youngest recipient of the Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year Award
1998: aged 21 Mayweather joined Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali to become the youngest recipient of the Ring Magazine Fighter Of The Year Award. He was awarded the honour  again in 2007 (above)

Most boxing fans think Floyd was a “defensive” boxer. But that’s because they’ve only been following him in the later part of his career.

Look at the majority of his professional career and you’ll find him using machine-gun combinations to hurt opponents. He remained undefeated largely because opponents couldn’t handle his offence.

At the age of just 21, Mayweather put on an incredible performance by defeating World Champion Hernandez by TKO in round 8. Floyd showcased his ability to use every punch in the book with precise accuracy and dangerous speed
At 21, Mayweather defeated experienced World Champion Hernandez by TKO in round 8

The Jab

They say it is the most important punch in boxing and Floyd’s is amongst the greatest.

Watch his bout against Augie Sanchez in the US Olympic Trials on YouTube for a text book perfect demonstration.

He further developed his jab throughout his professional career, even knocking an opponent down with a jab to the body.

No fighter in history could land a crisp jab to the body like Mayweather does. The great Andre Ward said that he took this idea from Mayweather and tries to emulate it
No fighter in history could land a crisp jab to the body like Mayweather does. The great Andre Ward said that he took this idea from Mayweather and tries to emulate it

One thing Floyd is able to do so well that most fighters aren’t is to take a lightning step forward with the jab, then step back out with expert timing.

Not only does this increase the power of his jab, but it means he usually won’t get hit after throwing it. His jab is  diverse, used as both a powerful weapon or a set up tool.

The greatest jabs in history mostly belong to the heavyweights. Smaller men usually don’t have a tremendous jab.

This makes it all the more remarkable that Floyd can intimidate opponents with his jab. In 2013 Floyd left the bigger, stronger undefeated Saul “Canelo” Alvarez completely confused and dismantled with the use of his jab.

Mayweather is able to land consistently with a sharp, accurate jab much to the surprise of his many opponents
Mayweather is able to land consistently with a sharp, accurate jab much to the surprise of his many opponents
2007 – Mayweather vs Hatton. Hatton was known for possessing a dangerous left hook. The irony was that it was Mayweather’s left hook which  hurt Hatton

The Straight Right

Most fighters need to set it up with a jab first. Floyd can lead with his right. Using perfect timing and great speed, he has shown time and time again the ability to hit an opponent, then slip under what ever punch is coming back.

HBO’s highlight of his fight with Marquez shows this happening in slow motion. Poetry in motion is the best way to describe it. It looks almost too perfect, like its been choreographed.

There have been other fighters who have done this but none do it as smoothly as Floyd. He moves his head just enough to make you miss by an inch, conserving maximum energy in the process.

2001: Mayweather put on a tremendous offensive display against Diego Corrales. Corrales at that time had never been knocked down and was a dangerous puncher. Floyd showed aggression and dropped Corrales an astounding 5 times before stopping him. During the spectacle, TV commentators compared Mayweather to greats Sugar Ray Leonard, Pernell Whitaker, Willie Pep, Muhammad Ali
2001: Mayweather vs Corrales. Corrales had never been knocked down and was a dangerous puncher. Floyd  dropped Corrales an astounding 5 times before stopping him. TV commentators compared Mayweather to greats Sugar Ray Leonard, Pernell Whitaker, Willie Pep & Muhammad Ali

“A True Champion Can Adapt To Anything” – Floyd Mayweather

Lets compare Floyd to other sensational hitters like Prince Naz and Roy Jones Jr.

At their best, these were guys who would destroy anybody stood in front of them. But Prince Naz got dismantled by Barrerra. Roy Jones got outboxed and knocked out 5 times once his speed deteriorated.

What that showed us was that Naz and Jones were dependant on their talent more than they were on their skill.

Floyd has been able to utilise his actual skills when he has been matched for talent/speed. Watch his fights against Jose Luis Castillo, Jesus Chavez, Zab Judah and De La Hoya for examples.

Floyd’s ability to adapt to any opponent is his most remarkable asset, and separates him from other champions.

The great Willie Pep fought from 1940 - 1966 and is one of history's greatest. He was a masterful technician who practiced his footwork in the mirror. He would take small steps to get in and out of range of his opponents without getting hit. Floyd is similar in this respect but shows remarkable improvements on the footwork of Pep.
Willie Pep fought from 1940 – 1966. He was a technician who practiced his footwork in the mirror. Floyd took this kind of footwork to a new level

Fluidity & Balance

Never has there been a fighter who could fire with speed and water-like fluidity, simultaneously maintaining perfect balance.

There is no strain in his combinations; almost like he was born to box.

George Foreman labelled him “the most natural fighter” he had ever seen.

Sugar Ray Robinson had tremendous combination punching ability. But he often left his chin high and his guard wide.

Floyd can keep hitting, while being defensively responsible at the same time. Watch round 8 of the Chavez fight for one of the greatest offensive rallies of his entire career. Back and forth toe to toe action.

Sugar Ray Robinson (left) is widely believed to be history's greatest fighter. The term "pound for pound" was invented for him. In this historic battle against the great Carmen Basilio, Robinson showcased his masterful skills. When compared with Mayweather he is just as strong and quick but less tidy, often being open for counters and off-balance
Sugar Ray Robinson (left) is widely believed to be history’s greatest fighter. The term “pound for pound” was invented for him. Sugar fought from 1940 – 1965. He retired with 173 wins, 19 loses, 6 draws and 2 no contest matches.


A key asset in boxing and Floyd has an abundance of it.

He has crafted masterful ways to trick opponents and set up shots. Baiting, parrying, feinting, holding, manoeuvring with his forearm, he uses every trick in the book.

Most fighters go into the ring with only one or two game plans but Floyd simply makes any number of adjustments during the fight.

Floyd has the most developed arsenal of ring craft ever seen. He employs forearms, shoulders, elbows, twists and turns to manoeuvre himself or his his opponent into a position where he can hit without being hit himself
Floyd has the most developed arsenal of ring craft ever seen.

Punch Accuracy

Speed is no good if you are missing the target.

Amir Khan’s hand speed is greater than that of Floyd, but in missing more punches he is open for counters and less effective.

Statistics by compu box show that Floyd’s accuracy (determined by punches connected vs missed ratio) blows away not only today’s greats, but also many of history’s finest.

Floyd’s punch connect rate is double that of Andre Ward.

The only fighters in history that bettered Floyd’s accuracy stats are Joe Louis and Lennox Lewis.

Watch how Floyd he picked off Marquez for a masterclass on well-timed shots. Marquez himself is known for being an elite counter puncher.


The Greatest Of All Time?

Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson are universally known as the greatest fighters of all time.

It is largely because of their accomplishments and personality.

Looking at offensive skill alone, I believe Floyd Mayweather is better than both.

His footwork is better than Ali’s because it is more economical. Ali would “dance” moving more than he needed to, and often tire towards the final rounds. Floyd cleverly takes smaller steps and saves the energy.

Robinson’s punches were arguably as quick and powerful as Floyd’s. But Robinson’s balance wasn’t as good, his punches were thrown widely, and he employed less ring craft.

Henry Armstrong  fought from 1931 - 1945. In his time there were only 8 different weight divisions (compared to 17 today) and yet he remarkably won world titles in 3 of those divisions. Joe Frazier admired him for throwing up to "300 punches a round".
Henry Armstrong fought from 1931 – 1945. In his time there were only 8 different weight divisions (compared to 17 today) and yet he simultaneously held world titles in 3 of those divisions. Joe Frazier admired him for throwing up to “300 punches a round”. “Homicide Hank” retired with 150 wins, 21 losses and 10 draws.

Some would argue that fighters like Henry Armstrong and Manny Pacquiao are better offensively than Floyd. Maybe Ali’s jab was better, or Sugar Ray Leonard had a better right uppercut. These fighters were better at crowd pleasing, which is not a valid factor when making an assessment of skill.

It is the more intelligently used weaponry in Floyd’s arsenal, combined with perfect balance and fluidity that makes his offensive skills supreme.

Bob Arum is one of history’s biggest boxing promoters, having worked with greats like Muhammad Ali, Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard and Evander Holyfield.

He summarised the supremacy of Floyd’s skills when he said:

 “We believe in our heart of hearts that Floyd Mayweather is the successor in a line that starts with Ray Robinson, goes to Muhammad Ali, then Sugar Ray Leonard…We believe that he epitomizes that style of fighting”.

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24 thoughts on “Why Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is The Most Skilled Boxer Of All Time – Part 1

    • KBB

      Is this the same Hater Kravitz from Boxrec Current Scene? If so, not one person values your sh*tty opinion. There is a wealth of stats to support what Floyd is able to do and has done, there is no need to hate since the author isn’t just sitting here making up stats or stories.
      Get over yourself idiot.


  1. The Martial Artist

    Mayweather called for the May 2, 2015 (cinco de Mayweather) fight with Pacman just a month ago. Why is he not showing interest in the fruition after all his demands were given a nod? Is he really a true champion or is he just interested in money and damn sports fans? Is he showing his fear of losing to a speedy fighter like Pacquiao? Boxing legacy will forever be ruined or MMA/UFC should take over. Can the boxing commission do something?


    • Ehsun

      There is no doubt that Mayweather’s antics in delaying this fight are frustrating fans worldwide, and even tarnishing his legacy. However, I believe it has all been carefully executed on his part, baring in mind his intelligence and business orientation. I do wish that the sport of boxing was properly regulated and antics like this could not drag on for so long.


      • Ass Tech

        I will teach you to write better learning from my explanations. I haven’t seen any of your writing proving Floyd is one of the most skilled fighter when you compare him to Pacquiao. Learn from these videos and it will show you Pacquiao has the most skills in battering his opponents and beating them easier than Floyd. When you say you will be writing his defensive prowess 2.0 it made me laught. LMAO!

        His best defence right now is:
        TBE = Where did the egg comes from first?
        TBE = Where did the chic comes from first?

        If you know the answer then you might as well right whatever you can about Floyd because the answer is, CHICKEN! LOL

        See, with the videos below you can see Floyd has many weaknesses if it’s exploit properly. That’s what Manny and his team will do. But the most compelling resignation is coming from Floyd exposing himself to this BS DEMANDS, stealing videos acting like a CHICKEN selling it to fans but only Floyd fanatic or called FLOMOS lkie you will believe what he says.

        These are the videos that show you Floyd has many flaws as well. So don’t believe the hype he is the most defensive fighter. He wins his fights against tough opponents with his offence. He did that to Cotto because his defence hasn’t worked well. Pacquiao can match him or overcome Floyd in many areas.

        Floyd won’t fight Manny Pacquiao to preserve his “LEGACAY” ZERO loss.


  2. josephino ginoo jr

    floyd is the most protected boxer in the planet name other country which floyd fought? nothing!!only in las vegas and some other state.. he is the product of good match making and cherry picking opponents.. the most arrogant boxer that ive ever known his greediness of money overlapping the sky up to the heaven…..jesus christ please cut his wings….


    • Ass Tech

      FLOYD MAYWEATHER is THE BEST EVADER of other best boxers he is scared to lose.
      Floyd Mayweather has The Best Excuses of all time!
      Floyd Mayweather has The Bitch Excuses of all time!
      Floyd Mayeather is the only undefeated boxer who paid:
      Victor Ortiz to lose with sucker punch
      Canelo Alvarez to drain weight and limit hydration
      Maidana twice to wear puffy gloves to take away his power and withstand knockout as oppose to people saying he has good chin.

      Avoided a lot of good fighters, retired once and came back to fight 130-135lbs fighter to move up two weights.

      Avoided Pacquiao in 2009 being scared, putting a lot of demands and soon it’s a HANDICAP MATCH:

      Drain Manny Pacquiao blood and make him wear puffy gloves like Bob Arum did in Erik Morales 1 and he did that to Maidana twice (gloves). In the end, it will be a handicapped match then sign when he is sure he can win 99%.


      • Tanya

        All fighters are scared to lose no one wants to lose and the first thing a fighter does is try to get into his opponents head which Mayweather does most of the time but Mayweather is the best in his generation why for since 21 yearsvlod he dominated his sport and has not gone without holding some type of meaningful belt accept when he retired since then so you tell me and show me what fighter has held a belt longer then Mayweather…


  3. Makenzie Brant

    Mayweather can easily be labelled as the greatest defensive specialist. I can’t really consider him the greatest since 3/4 of his career at the tail end has been against fighters (slow power punchers with low mobility) that compliment his style. I do find it interesting that the way this article portrays Mayweather, as having the most accurate punches, timing, and speed. Everyone has heard that power punching is a result of technique, timing, and speed. It would suggest that Mayweather tends to just hit his opponents for points leaving little commitment into his punches, which would leave him open. It is safe and leave a lot more energy for the later round, but it doesn’t explain the low ko for such high ratio. I guess, float like a fly to annoy the crap out of an opponent.


    • Ehsun

      I will be writing about his defensive prowess in Part 2. I agree that the later part of his career has included slower fighters,some where he could shine with ease i.e. the Canelo fight. I don’t think he will ever be considered the greatest, not even close. But skill and greatness are two very different things.

      I also agree with your observation that Floyd tends to snap his punches out to score points. He avoids fully committing to the punch, in order to get back out of range safely. As of now his KO percentage is 55.32%, relatively low. But note that in his first 20 fights it was 75%. Floyd changed his strategy as he got older, becoming more defensive. A wise move, as it increased the longevity of his career whilst preserving his speed and reflexes.


      • Coop0182

        Preserving his speed and reflexes. He has looked slow for the past 4 years, not even to mention he has only been in 47 fights and he is 38 years old. He runs inside and outside the ring. Any real boxing fan would notice the he is a sham. It would be as dumb to say a basketball player who played ten games as a pro shot 80% and then left the league, would you call that the best shooter of all time?? If Mayweather was so good he would be approaching 60 fights not 50. You have a better chance at not losing and keeping your stats up the less you fight. Something that really bugs me with him as well is that he has to numb his hands for fights, which would be illegal everywhere in the world expect Vegas I have watched and read something about the oxy he uses and he could technicality break his hands and not feel a thing. You think he would have more knock outs considering he doesn’t have to worry about his hands and can throw harder with out immediate consequences. But that is right he doesn’t throw hard and throws with little energy to make it look like he is well conditioned. His is literaly the biggest scam in boxing. And hardcore fans of the sport know this, casual fans of the spot are not well informed about this information and thus think he is a great fighter.


      • Ass Tech

        He should fight Pacman and stop all this BS demands! He paid Maidana wearign puffy gloves to lose. Amir Khan, Devon Alexander didn’t even argue anything about the gloves. Mayweather’s new strategy is to sign up a fight he knows 99% he could win. Pacquiao will bust, cut and hurt Mayweather. He is SCARED to fight the little man. It’s good you are writing stuff about the man’s positive moves in the ring. He’s got a lot of flaws that Manny Pacquiao and his team can exploit. Manny is known with FLAWS by expert analysts who favor Floyd but Floyd has a lot of WEAKNESSES as well that Manny Pacquiao can exploit. I believe Manny will win the fight when these two face each other. MANNY PACMAN has a greater LEGACY behind him, is the only BOXER that can top Mayweather when they retire if they don’t fight. Floyd preserves that ZERO as his LEGACY. Once he lost to a lesser fighter than Pacquaio, he wouldn’t as much valued as PACMAN. If he wins against Pacquiao then he will be considered one of the best and little question about his LEGACY because he avoided top notch challengers in the past.

        Today’s Boxing Food for Thoughts why Pacquiao will beat Mayweather easily.

        You cannot just be a “LEFTY” in order to have a shot of beating a fighter with the CALIBRE of Floyd. You must be GIFTED as a SOUTH PAW like Pacquiao with superior boxing skills combined and seems to be intentional defensive FLAWS of being overly aggressive and fearless style is the worst opponent FLOYD HAS BEEN TRYING TO AVOID. Pacquiao is known for using weird angles, counter punching ability, with excellent footwork to attack his opponents and took punches from the biggest future Hall of Fames on the face that doubted Floyd to beat the only fighter he avoided for long 6 years. ( Of course with the exemption from all of a sudden 39 year old who decided to become JUANCREDIBLE who looked like FOOTBALL player in Juan Manuel Marquez. Since then Pacman proved the world he is a much better fighter).
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eBOXo56Cfs (Why Pacquiao is Floyd’s nightmare)
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg9TjhP3IHs (Now Ariza is with Floyd but with a different tune)

        It’s nothing like the words were invented “FLOYD IS SCARED” because it came from Floyd Jr. and Floyd Sr.’s mouth to begin with and became famous to fans. Floyd Mayweather also commented on Rios vs Pacquiao fight and complimented Pacman being a boxer while acting like a tough guy against Marquez and he got knocked out when Pacman’s twitter (wrote by his team) taunted his fights were boring and hope he fights toe to toe. Floyd has been checking on Manny to slow down but his fight with Rios with explosives and thudding right and left made him re-thinks of fighting Pacquiao for real. I believe he is being forced to say “YES” because he still sees Pacman as a very dangerous fighter for anybody specially him.
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qmv40brVuGE (No one knows Floyd might be truly SCARED)
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=In16MLvfC8U (Even Floyd senior was SCARED for Floyd to fight Pacquiao)

        Pacquiao: (Previous Interviews) 50/50, 40 Mil, Drug Test
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDy1hsILOAs (55-Floyd/45-Mayweather)
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPY4fHbJA5o (2010 PACQUIAO AGREED TO RBT)
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJmlMsU7C7A (2011 AGREED NO LIMIT RBT)
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jqcRFTvcb4 (2012 PACQUIAO AGREED ON EVERTYTHING)
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSm5r5DKHzk (2009 VERSION OF PACMAN FLOYD DUCKED)
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnZ4fL1pSRQ (2008-12 VERSION OF PACMAN FLOYD DUCKED 2009-2012)
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkPKBSxuDgs (2014 VERSION OF PACMAN)
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WivFoupswrw (2014 VERSION OF PACMAN)

        Videos & Analysis 1:
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CPs8wJPelk (check round six)
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgQOsPD3GVw (round six)
        1) The first attempt where Pacquiao unleashed his combinations against the inviting Bradley
        2) Stayed more in front with less success because Bradley was able to see him throw

        Videos & Analysis 2:
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_seB2AA12f8 (7th round)
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzJT8pwd-pM (counter punching while using his foot work and angles)
        1) A suicidal if Floyd invites Pacquiao in the ropes multiple times with his high guard
        2) Pacquio is a left hander where he is more privileged than a right hander because Floyd’s shoulder roll only works well against right hand fighters
        3) Pacquiao’s excellent use of angles to break high guards is the best in the business because of his speed, power on both hands and footwork
        4) Pacquiao can also adjust like Floyd, he recognized his mistake earlier by fronting Bradley
        5) He made an adjustment by stepping on the left to throw in an angle from left to the front
        6) He hit a tiring Bradley on the jaw and he couldn’t do any movements he just covered up
        7) There’s nothing Bradley could do against Pacquiao’s strong hands and perfect angle position

        To break the high guards of an opponent
        a) You need speed
        b) You need power on both hands
        c) You need angles to open or slice the punch through
        c) You need footwork to blind the opponent
        e) You need split seconds to throw combinations before he can adjust
        d) You need variation of attacks to be successful

        Videos & Analysis 3: HIGH GUARD BREAKER

        Floyd loves to use high guard when dissecting his opponents. Manny Pacquiao once again has demonstrated his excellence use of angles, footwork, hands speed and power.


      • Ass Tech

        Mosley was an old warrior that hurt Floyd who was good for 4 rounds that night. Maidana was a slow footed, 1-2 punch power puncher that hurt Floyd wearing a puffy gloves. Canelo who suppose to beat Floyd according to experts who were no experts couldn’t even hurt Shayne. If you go back to what Hasim Richardson comment after Canelo vs Shayne fight comparing the wins of Pacquiao and Floyd then you would understand why Canelo ducked Pacquiao at a catch-weight proposal which casual fans like you believes Canelo would put Pacquiao to sleep since Marquez. You know Marquez is using a Coach, Angel Memo Heredia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1DU86uLHKw who had SERRIES OF PED CONVICTIONS and designer of 21 undetectable drugs. Who knows if Floyd with Aiza wiill now be working with Memo Heredia to make the drugs to beat Pacquiao. Comparing Marquez who fought Mayweather and Pacquiao is like comparing banana to apple.

        Those fighters are not OFFENSIVE specialist. Floyd will prove himself to fight a guy like PACQUIAO to be considered the best. That would be a good fight OFFENSE-DEFENSE VS DEFENSE-OFFENSE.

        Pacquiao have already surpassed what Floyd did against his last two fighters:

        I likened the Maidana vs Floyd to Rios vs Pacquiao although Maidan fought more harder fights than Brandon.
        I likened the Canelo vs Floyd to Margarito vs Pacquiao, although Margarito was more accomplished fighter than Canelo

        If Pacquiao ever fought Maidana and Canelo, he would do the same what he did to his previous fights because stylistically those where the fighters Floyd fought.

        For people fans like you who demanded Pacman to fight better opponents, there’s nothing out there but Floyd who is still DUCKING Pacquiao. I want to see your writing about Floyd to be certified once he fight Pacquiao. Right now, Pacquaio’s offence looked a lot better than Floyd’s defence except for the BODY BUILDER JUAN MANUEL Marquez


  4. jun macs

    A COMMENTARY TO CBSSports’ released Mayweather’s “supposedly initiative” for the megafight, as they say, author was Larry/CBSSports:

    hey Larry/CBS, there’s no point in sending proof to the public boxing world (moreover with video and the like) that Floyd has the most high tone to make it happen – as it is only making the whole scenario with Floyd and Team, and alongwith the media who are bent and inclined to believe that Floyd actually is making the fight to happen – STUPIDIEST AND FUNNIEST boxing negotiation drama!! – as the truth is – HE IS NOT LIFTING A FINGER AN INCH – as he looks really scared.
    This video FLOYD visiting the PACQMAN in Pacq’s hotel room (with full bodyguards and securitymen of TMT) vividly made FLOYD a scared – spoiled no-brainer boxing athlete – he spilled the beans for himself.

    d’you wanted a rewwwwwwwwiiiinnnnddd of the whole FLOYD-PACQMAN FIGHT becoming hot again on every tabloids as well on cyber boxing sites???

    simply because at the height of the post-PACQMAN-ALGIERI fight, the PRETTY BOY FLOYD grab a network’s microphone and cam and started to CALL OUT the PACQMAN, and even mentioned the date of 02May2015 he wanted to do it!!!??!! REMEMBER, LARRY?

    d’you rrrrreeeeeeeeccccaaallllll nowwwww?

    so who started it all – AGAIN? HUH? CALLING OUT THE PACQMAN, AND AGAIN A COUPLE OF SAME OLD DEMANDS, PLUS NEW ONES – drug testing, money purse, referee, gloves, venue, ppv share, BArum out, etc. etc


    Note to ponder:
    a coward DOES NOT CALL OUT A POTENTIAL THREAT outside his territory (USA).
    A COWARD DOES CALL OUT A THREAT ALWAYS INSIDE HIS ZONE with bunch of full bodyguards – and then and there, A COWARD is ABLE to open his mouth wide, with bunch of securitymen.

    remember, he cannot stand to visit PACQMAN’s territory and do the CALLING OUT over there…
    as FLOYD WILL BE, AND SHALL BE LYNCHED in Southeast Asia – believe me…

    IT will not BE PACQMAN’s own security personnel – IT WILL BE DONE BY ASIA’S boxing aficionados and viewing public – Floyd will surely get lynched in any of the cities in southeast asia…

    ….much more in Dubai, and other Mideast zone territories – PACQMAN-fan-filled countries!!

    …but look at Manny Pacqman – he can stroll out and linger anywhere in the U.S. and is being met greeted by supportive American boxing fans… black and white, brown, yello, etc….Asians, Europeans!! that makes ONE DYING of envy.

    so long, Larry – rewrite this article – IT IS TOTALLY WRONG… jj Kepweng Riyadh Jun

    JJ Kepweng Riyadh Jun


  5. jun macs


    that means, against an odds of 100 to 1… 90% of it believes FLOYD CAN EASILY BEAT AND GIVE MANNY PACQMAN PACQUIAO A GREAT BOXING LESSON AND A CLASS….


    ….this elusive equation will expose FLOYD as, to date – he does not really knows the BEST AND DEFENSIVE PLUS OFFENSIVE STRATEGY to NAIL THE LEGENDARY Filipino small time boxing athlete DOWN THE CANVAS… this equation is equivalent to – FEAR WITHIN SELF TO FACE THE ODDS THAT IS A THREAT TO ONE’S FEAT AND LEGACY….

    I hope the boxing world can read the lines well…. my piece/JJ Kepweng Riyadh Jun


  6. Mark Coonan

    Ehsun, Roy Jones’s “speed” didn’t deteriorate. His reaction time did. It’s an important distinction for you to be aware of as an athlete/personal trainer.


    • Ehsun

      I’m very well aware of that distinction.

      Roy’s foot and hand speed as well as his reflexes all visibly deteriorated from about 2004. I’m not sure how you can say his speed didn’t deteriorate because everyone knows it did; it is plain to see. His hand speed was and is still good, but not like it was in his prime.


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    Rynildhat’s Rewriter


  8. Ceeceesrider

    It’s amazing how everyone expects Floyd to fight every fightervand makes excuses that these fighters were past their prime if that’s the case then what fighter has Paquioa fought and beat prior to Mayweather beating the usually a couple years earlier I truely think Boxing fans are just not willing to accept that Floyd understands that it’s about self promotion you always here the guys worki their way up the ranks calling out everyone then there comes a point where they now see that it’s not that easy to get the fights you want and a lot of fighters in a long career wind up fighting a lot of retreads but if you take a close look at Floyd Career there is a very important fact he has fought more Championship caliber fighters in his career than any other fighter and he has gone up down in weight with not one preliminary bout at any weight class and takes on whoever is holding a belt at that time and each and everytime when the fight is over there’s always a stat that amazes me The fighter has surrendered his belt to Floyd only two rematches in 18 years and people still wanna put him down .He Retired anddfollowed Vince Mcmahhon and WWE so he could learn how to sell and Promote and what type of Characters sell so he chose the Villain role and he really mastered it a lot of haters comment how scared he is or ducking people look Watch Marquez and Paquioa all there fight and watch Floyd fresh outta Retirement or long layoff and then you will see why Paquioa is like a Frozen Rabbit against Mayweather all you Paquioa fans are fooling yourselves his footwork is terrible and First thing Floyd learned from his Former Champion Uncles was footwork and Pops is always preaching g footwork and be listened and listened and that’s why be is Undefeated because there isn’t another fighter alive who can make adjustments in a fight so quickly and the reason his stats are so overwhelming is because he knows everyone is trying to land the knockout punch and he forces them to become flat-footed and when he sees that he knows before us all that it’s his fight so does his Appoinents because they are starting to get popped upside the head and realize they feel awkward and realize that he is the best fighter they have gone against and their Trainers are also in trouble because they have no clue how to adjust their fighter and at the end of the day anyone can get one lucky puch and knock someone out but when you can’t get in a position to even throw that punch you go out realizing you are not as good as you thought you were..Mayweather is not afraid of Paquioa impossible 5 loses and a couple draws against some fighters that have never even made it to the Big stage and that’s why there is no way he is beating a Undefeated fighter that has way more Championship caliber rounds of fighters be fights years before Paquioa Canelo should of been the clue for everyone Mayweather showed the world that night he was a great champ if Paquioa fought him he wouldn’t get up ever and I’m telling you if a 140lb .guy lifti g weights for the first time knocked him out while getting his ass kicked no way he beats a guy 160lbs. Fight night sorry Floyd is a true great one of a kind Champion and its sad people can’t realize he used hate to make big money and he pays more in taxes than the other fighters earn he mastered Promotions and boxing and that he deserves credit because no other fighter in history has walked away with a faculties still sharp and on top of their sport and richer than rich all at the same time but he is supposed to be scared now that’s funny only if you believe that he is aapro boxer world champ scared of a guy with 5 loses and 2 draws if that was Mayweather resume we wouldn’t even be talking about him don’t let Jealousy or your heart mislead the truth from you he is an all time great and that’s all there is too it….Thanks my fellow boxing fans!!!!


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