Diet & Weight Loss: The Absolute Basics

The principle of weight loss is burn more calories than you consume.

That doesn’t mean you need to read nutrition labels, do calculations or spend ages making fancy meals.

With some basic knowledge the process becomes very simple.

Here are 5 simple rules that will help you to lose weight.

 Rule no.1: Drink Lots Of Water

Drink water first thing in the morning, throughout the day and during your meals. It stops you from eating more than you need to.

When we feel a little “hunger”, a lot of the times we’re actually just lacking body water (or we’re bored).

Drink some water and and get busy doing something. You’ll be surprised how much longer you can go without eating.

Rule no.2: Know Your Food

All you need to know is roughly how much carbohydrates, proteins and fats are in your food (the fancy name is macronutrients).

Once you know your food, you can eat the right ones at the right times.


Rule no.3: Tailor Your Food To Your Activities

If you’re going to be sat down for long periods of time or not moving much, eat less.

You need carbs, but be careful not to eat them in excess.

Carbs produce instant energy which if not used, will be stored as body fat. It can be quite easy to consume more carbs than you need without knowing it.

A safer option for weight loss is to eat food rich in protein and (healthy) fats. These release energy much slower, meaning less chance of body fat conversion.

If your day involves a lot of movement then you’ll need more carbohydrates to keep you fuelled.

Remember: no food type is “bad”. It is the amount that you eat which has the greater effect.

Rule no.4: Slowly Reduce Your Total Food Intake 

If you’re carrying excess body fat it simply means you’ve been eating more than you need to. So now you need to eat less.

Don’t make large cuts to your food portions because you’ll end up giving up.

Find a balance between reducing the amount of food you eat and still having enough energy for your day.

It can take weeks to get the hang of this; be patient.

You’ll eventually learn how much food you need so that you can happily go about your day, whilst tolerating that feeling of a slight emptiness in your belly.

Rule no.5: Get comfortable being uncomfortable 

Burning more calories than you eat means forcing your body to use it’s own energy stores (body fat) – you will be in a state of calorie deficit.

Click here for a detailed breakdown of exactly how to manage your calorie deficit, which is in itself an art.

The reality is that this is an uncomfortable process. Your will power will be tested so you have to make sure you’re mentally ready to see this through.

Be prepared to live outside of your comfort zone over the course of many weeks.


Whatever you do, don’t give up. There’s nothing better than feeling healthier, and watching your body transform.

If you have any questions, would like a diet plan or personal training, please get in touch.

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