Why “Hating” On Others Is Harmful To You

“Hating” is a modern term that basically means being negative towards someone.

You’ll see it all over social media and during conversations every day.

It can be disguised as humorous sarcasm, or a sly dig at someone.

Hating is putting someone down in some way

It is done to make the “hater” feel better – a release mechanism for the negative feelings that they have within themselves.

What people don’t realise is that it attracts negativity into their own lives.

Think About It 

Take your head outside of the box for a moment and think about this:

Getting worked up about what others do means you have poor control of your own emotions – and probably a shitty life

To go and actually talk or write about a person means you’ve allowed that person take up your time and energy.

Do you realise how nonsensical that is?

I believe it to be an emotional disease. Dis-ease; when one is not at ease.

Shouldn’t you always be at ease about people that have nothing to do with you?

Stop Judging, Stop Complaining

Let’s say you see a girl wearing “revealing” clothes that you don’t approve of. In your mind you already begin to start disliking her even though you know nothing about her.

What problem can it possibly cause you if she’s wearing clothes that you don’t approve of?

Do you see how it is borderline crazy to get worked up about what others do?

Stay In Control Of Your Emotions

It is natural to be surprised sometimes by how others act, or to get envious of someone’s success.

But to let those feelings escalate into negativity is a choice.

Think about all the time that you’ve spent gossiping, complaining or being jealous.

That time could have been used to enjoy yourself, or to improve yourself.

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. When you complain or gossip, you become a magnet for negativity

Make the choice to stop hating.

Choose to enjoy life, to laugh and to learn.


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