3 Common Problems That Stop Muscle Growth

Forget protein powders, creatine, and diets.

None of that helps if you don’t follow the basic principles of weight training.

Here are the most common problems that might be stopping you from growing:

1. You Lack Intensity

Put simply, you don’t train hard enough.

You feel a little burn, you do the number of sets that you think you should do, and believe its enough.


The burn you feel should be intense.

Your efforts levels need to be huge; it takes a controlled aggression.

Muscle fibres need to be broken down and if you aren’t doing that then you can forget  about growth.

After training biceps, it should feel hard just to flex them without holding any weight. If you don’t feel weakened, keep going until you do.

2. You Don’t Know How To Isolate Your Muscle 

You can’t develop a muscle effectively if it is not being forced to work alone (isolated from other muscles) during the exercise.

The best example I can give is the deltoids (shoulders). How many people do you know with well developed, rounded deltoids?

Well the reason is, that deltoids are notoriously hard to isolate.

People want to lift big weights and end up swinging the whole body.

If your whole body is moving, how can you expect one particular muscle to grow?

Learn how to consciously target the one muscle that you’re training.

I started doing deltoid fly’s with 1kg dumbbells and patiently focused on technique.

When I got to 4kg, I remember a guy half my size saying:

“Is that all you lift? Everyone is guna’ think you’re on steroids”.

He assumed that I should be lifting more weight, just because my shoulders were very well developed.

I call that ignorance.

By the age of 18 I had developed through consistent hard work and concentration on my target muscles

Forget about the weight. Focus on great technique and isolation of your target muscles.

3. You’re Inconsistent 

Just because you had 3 great sessions in a row doesn’t mean you can take 10 days off.

If you’ve got a hectic day today, it doesn’t mean you can skip your workout. Get up earlier and make time for it.

Life throws an infinite number of obstacles our way.

You need to be prepared to put in the time, and go hard week after week. No excuses.

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