How To Guarantee Your Weight Loss

Losing weight can be simple.

No calorie counting or diets necessary.

You have one principle to follow: create calorie deficit. 

The Golden Rule

Calorie deficit means you’ve not eaten enough calories to meet the energy demands of your body.

Your body is now gaining energy from itself (by breaking down body fat primarily).

The golden rule is creating calorie deficit

Master this and you can lose weight whenever you wish.

How To Get Started?

Simply eat less than you normally would.

Key point: make small reductions in food.

Making large reductions is guaranteed to backfire. You will build cravings and end up binge-eating (we’ve all been there).

Small Steps

Let’s say your breakfast is normally a certain amount of cereal. You eat it and feel full after.

This time, have just a little less. You’ll feel ok but not quite as “full”.

This is manageable, and will get on you on the path towards creating a calorie deficit.

Over the weeks make reductions to your snacks, lunch and dinner.

You’ll see your weight come off slowly.

But if you want to become a master of your weight, you need to recognise calorie deficit.

Recognise The FEELING Of Calorie Deficit

This is the holy grail of weight loss.

In general, hunger = calorie deficit

Calorie deficit is uncomfortable because your body doesn’t want to use it’s own energy stores. You’ll feel a little empty, a little hungry.

The problem is sometimes you’ll confuse hunger for cravings. Nowadays food is loaded with sugar, fat and salt.

These ingredients are addictive. Our body craves them and tricks us into thinking we’re hungry.

Learn to distinguish hunger from cravings

Get Past Cravings

When signs of hunger appear, drink a good amount of water. When it persists drink more.

If the hunger grows, you can trust that you are in calorie deficit.

That’s a loose guideline and will vary depending on your lifestyle. Play around until you know what calorie deficit feels like.

Start getting used to being in calorie deficit whilst going about your day.

Your Calorie Deficit Should Be Bearable

Bearable means a mild to moderate level of hunger. It should never be severe.

Control your calorie deficit – never get severely hungry

Eat In MODERATE Amounts

Don’t eat until you’re “full” in the sense that you’re bloated.

The general perception of “full” involves over-eating, hence excess body fat.

Eat slowly and judge carefully to where you’re comfortable and no longer hungry.

Prepare To Eat More Often

After meals you’re going to get hungry sooner because you haven’t over-eaten.

You will need snacks available between meals to control your calorie deficit and keep it bearable.


Make small reductions to your food

Control your calorie deficit – keep it bearable 

Meals should make you comfortable – not “full”/bloated

Accept that the process takes time & patience but is very rewarding 🙂 

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