Ankle Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation – My Background

Properly rehabilitating the ankle is a science on it’s own. It requires a proper understanding of biomechanics and actual experience of ankle sprains.

My Background

I’ve suffered devastating ankle sprains numerous times; multiple physiotherapists couldn’t solve the problem.

I realised they  weren’t trained to understand why my ankle had sprained (click here for my article on the main reason behind ankle sprains).

I did years of research on ankle sprains and became my own physio. I designed rehabilitation techniques that finally solved my ankle problems.

Ankle Sprains Are An Underestimated Problem

My belief is that physiotherapists are simply not nearly as effective at treating ankle sprains as they should be.

Western countries like the US and the UK have the highest ankle sprain rates in the world (estimated 2 million ankle sprains occur in the US every year).

The reason behind this is that our high-tech trainers and excessive sitting down causes many people to lose their balancing skills (resulting in “weak ankles”).

I’m now passionate about helping people with ankle problems.


My Physiotherapy Methods Will Solve Your Ankle Sprain Problems

Traditional physiotherapy methods adopt a generalised approach, which is why they are ineffective. Physiotherapists hand out exactly the same advice and exercises to everyone.

I produce bespoke ankle rehabilitation methods specific to your body and lifestyle

Click here for details on my expert ankle physiotherapy and rehabilitation programmes.

This is the transformation in my (left) ankle that was once dislocated with 2 torn ligaments:


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I offer ankle physiotherapy in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and Manchester.

Online Ankle Physiotherapy

I offer online rehabilitation programmes for distance-clients. Please get in touch for details.