Expert Ankle Rehabilitation: Fast Recovery & Sprain Prevention

Rehabilitation Designed For Your Body

The goal is to heal your ankle as fast as possible, and prevent another ankle sprain from occurring.

In order to do this a program tailored to your body and lifestyle is required. I can offer you advice or a programme that guarantees you fast recovery and minimal chances of another ankle sprain.

Generic ankle physiotherapy techniques are simply not effective at doing this.

Making your programme will involve 3 steps:

Step 1: Assess The Damage

After learning how severe your ankle sprain is and how far into recovery you are, I will first advise you on how much resting and icing to do.

It is essential for your damaged ankle to heal. But it is equally important to mobilise it as soon as possible.

Getting the balance right between rest and movement is critical for fast recovery.

Step 2: Finding Out Why You Sprained Your Ankle

Studies have proven that after an ankle sprain your chances of another sprain have in fact increased because of impaired proprioception (click here for details).

Therefore you absolutely MUST understand what caused the injury.

To identify why you sprained your ankle, I carry out a thorough assessment of your biomechanics:

  • Look at the proportionality of your musculature from the hip down to the ankle. Ankle stability is affected by how well your hip and leg muscles work together
  • Devising proprioception exercises relevant to your lifestyle, in order to minimise your chances of rolling over on your foot
  • Identifying and massaging tight muscles from the hip to the ankle. Tight muscles disturb your biomechanics and increase chances of injury

Step 3: Exercises Designed For You

Based on the above assessments, I will devise custom exercises that match your body and lifestyle.

These exercises include a range of stretches, balances and strength work that are not found in the usual ankle physiotherapy techniques.

Your daily activities will determine how advanced your rehabilitation exercises need to be.

A person that plays football for example, is at higher risk of ankle sprains and will require advanced proprioception training.

My programme guarantees you a speedy recovery with minimal chances of another sprain.

I am based in Huddersfield and can travel throughout West Yorkshire to Manchester to give you expert ankle rehabilitation and physiotherapy sessions.

Distance Clients

I can help you no matter where you live. I offer expert ankle physiotherapy programmes and advice via Skype, email or phone communication.

For enquiries please use the form below or contact me via email, Twitter or Instagram.