4 Things You Need To Learn From Rihanna

Everyone knows who she is. Global icon, superstar, household name. When it comes to celebrities, most of us fail to do is pick up positive lessons from them. How did she get to where she is? Lets look beyond the glamour and headlines. Here are 4 things you can learn from Rihanna that can improve your life.

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1) It doesn’t matter what your background or current environment is

Rihanna’s story tells us you don’t have to let your background determine who you become. You can get what you want from life regardless of what’s happening around you.

When trying to imagine Rihanna’s early life, you might think of a big house, rich parents and connections to the music industry. Well, you’d be wrong. Rihanna’s mother was an accountant and her father was a warehouse supervisor. They divorced when she was 14, something which affected her deeply. She grew up in a modest 3 bedroom bungalow, and sold clothes on the streets with her father who was addicted to crack cocaine and alcohol. She also struggled with a condition which left her with crippling headaches throughout school.

Whatever is happening around you, or to you right now, is irrelevant to your future. You get to decide who you are. Don’t blame your background or environment; think outside the box and take responsibility for your life.

2) Do what you love

Despite the troubles of her early life, Rihanna knew she loved singing. The more you do something the better you become. She started to become well known within her community. At around 16 her life changed when she met a producer from New York who was on holiday in Barbados. The producer was blown away by her singing skills and arranged for her to meet Jay Z in New York. She then dropped out of school to pursue her passion. But don’t forget, this didn’t just happen over night. Rihanna started singing at age 7. It was only after 9 years of practice that she become so good!

Are you doing a job just to the pay the bills? When you’re not in love with what you’re doing you’re not operating at your full potential, you’re not as happy as you could be; you’re getting less out of life. If you think its too late, think of Henry Ford.  He was 45 years old when he crated the first “Ford” car!

So go and make a start today, spend some time doing what you love. Make decisions based on your happiness, and not on what others think. It might not take you 9 years like it took Rihanna to get a life changing opportunity, so what are you waiting for?

3) Work hard

Rihanna is known for working her butt off, and I really mean that. In fact look at any mega star and you’ll soon learn they all worked relentlessly to get to where they are. Ne-Yo testified to the fact that Rihanna is a “workhorse… she does not sleep”.

I watched a recent interview with Rihanna where she said that one time she locked herself in the studio for 3 days straight and worked her ass off. During this time she had no phone signal and no contact with the outside world. Most of us can’t even imagine going a few hours without our phone. Rita Ora was right when said “That work ethic and discipline is hardcore”.


A lot of people waste their time obsessively idolising their role models. Liking their photos on Facebook, quoting their music lyrics on Twitter or watching videos all day on YouTube. That’s not going to help you achieve what you want. Do you think Rihanna spent her time pretending to be a star on social media? No. Instead, she did what her idols did; worked hard.

4) Stay hungry

There are many famous singers. But what elevated Rihanna and Beyonce to the level they’re at? One answer is that they didn’t let success defeat them. They released album after album, year after year. When they achieved their goal, they simply set a new one and kept on going. Rihanna dropped 7 albums in 7 years, going from ‘Music of the Sun’ (2005) to ‘Unapologetic’ (2012). Madonna released her first single over 30 years ago and continues to perform to this day.

They didn’t let their fame and fortune stop them from being hungry for more success. So when you get that new job, or you got a great mark in your assignment, or you achieved a new personal best in the gym, don’t relax. Keep going. Stay hungry and aim higher. There are no limits to what you can achieve.