HowFit – A Fitness App Like No Other

During March 2014 I was reading an article about social media and the Olympics. Then it hit me. I had a “Eureka!” moment. A year and a half later, my idea entered the App Store (free download here).

The Olympics and the World Cup happen every 4 years. But what if they were happening every day, in the palm of your hand? Wouldn’t you just love to be able to compete with people worldwide, instantly? Would you enjoy an app that tells you “You are ranked number 56 of 429 middleweights in England”?IMG_2789

You might just get feelings of great satisfaction, excitement and pride.  If you want to do better, you’ll be provided with a powerful incentive to improve!

Get Motivated Like Never Before

Whether you’re one of the best in the country or just starting out, getting ranked will be a powerful motivator. Millions of people obsess over the amount of “Likes” they get on Facebook and Instagram. Imagine how strongly you would feel about your national rank. Would you fight to keep your prestigious “20th in the country” spot? Would you exercise harder to climb the leaderboards?  You can even achieve world titles if you’re good enough!

HowFit caters for ALL people. You will only be compared with people who are of the same gender and weight class as you. The idea here goes beyond bragging rights and competition. HowFit can motivate you to START exercising. I mean, it can’t be a good feeling knowing you’re the most unfit person in America.

Search The World

For the past decade I was asked “How much can you bench press?” time and time again. Here’s a better way to find out how strong someone is: simply search the world with the click of a button. In seconds you can find out how people are performing in popular exercises.

The current HowFit Global Benchpress Leaderboard

Imagine seeing that there’s a person in Brazil of your size doing 1 more chin up than you. Would you want to beat him? At the same time, you can inspire others to work harder with your own fitness records.

Global Search: Choose an exercise.Search the world leaderboards. Or, pick specific countries, genders and weight groups.


Find Out How Fit People Really Are


IMG_2788.PNGGo on someone’s profile to see a list of their exercise personal bests. Is this guy as strong as he looks? Does this personal trainer practice what he preaches?

How Can You Get Fitter?

HowFit is a social network with a news feed. Have a look at someone’s nutrition or exercise posts and learn from them. Tap the “helpful” button to let them know their stuff is useful.

If you’ve had a long day at work, or time is tight,  you’re likely to skip today’s work out right? But when you see that your friends have been running or pumping iron do you think you’re still going to skip that work out?


HowFit is a social network introducing an exciting new way of testing your strength and fitness levels. It rewards you for your hard work, through awards and titles. You can literally watch yourself go up in the world as you climb the leaderboards.

Unlike other fitness apps, HowFit gives you a REASON to keep going. You wouldn’t want to lose your place on the leaderboards would you?


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