Adhnaan Arif

I got in contact with Ehsun just after Ramadhan this year. I explained my weaknesses to him and what I wanted to achieve and instantly Ehsun understood exactly where I was coming from.

Ehsun set up an excellent nutrition and fitness plan for me which fitted perfectly around my day to day routine and not his. He was very supportive and always available there was no time limit. It’s the first time I tried something like this, using an anonymous online coach and I’m glad it was Ehsun.

Right from the moment the programme began, Ehsun was constantly on top of my daily activities and food intake, he continuously sent me motivational messages throughout each day which I strongly believe helped me keep my focus. He taught me a lot about calisthenics and various other fitness exercises.

I think Ehsun is a brilliant coach and his amazing personality is just a bonus. If you’re looking for a great online personal trainer then Ehsun is the one for you, it’s just a shame I don’t live closer to him as I’d definitely have him as my personal coach!